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Livin Room and Orangeries

Orangeries If you think that an orangery is a farm with fruit orchards you would be wrong, but their origins do go back to the time when fruit trees needed protection from winter weather. The Renaissance in Italy whose Mediterranean climate is good for citrus fruit growing saw the development of buildings to provide that protection. Think large greenhouse but these days with the availability of all types of fruit in supermarkets, an orangery is a place to relax and enjoy both your internal surroundings and the garden outside.

You can surround yourself with potted greenery if you wish but the main thing is that you can enjoy comfortable space all year round with double glazing to keep out any poor winter weather yet the airiness to retain a comfortable temperature on the hot days of summer.

With many years of experience in creating extra space for clients as well as upgrading properties in general with new doors and windows, we can give great competitive quotes for orangeries. Our clients are not committed in any way before they are happy with the plans, specific design, price, and building schedule. All manufacturing and installation complies with current building regulations while modern manmade materials are durable and virtually maintenance free. You may want to have minimal brickwork, relating only to the lower base level or alternatively, you may wish for brick columns between the window frames. The choice is yours.

The process to get a wonderful orangery is straightforward:

  • Contact us as a preliminary enquiry
  • Arrange a site visit where measurements can be made, and information and ideas exchanged
  • Preliminary plans for discussion are considered with style, pricing, colours, and work schedule all discussed
  • Once the design etc are agreed, clients make a commitment

It is important to emphasise that we have considerable experience in construction work from the smallest of conservatories to large orangeries with a significant floor area. You can choose between various styles and we will advise you whenever you have a question about any aspect of the build or the materials to be used.

We feel sure you will be delighted with the outcome when you look to increase the size of your home by deciding on getting an orangery. You may not have the extensive grounds where the early orangeries were built but the concept of an orangery has stood the test of time for a reason. It will add to your property both in terms of appeal but also in terms of value.

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Livin Room and Orangeries Hitchin

Livin-Rooms Not sure how to create more space in your home and unsure about whether you want to leave your current neighbourhood to buy somewhere new? It is natural that if you live in a neighbourhood that is familiar and where you have many friends that the last resort is to move home. If you have land for development, then we have the answer for you. There are none of the fees and other problems relating to moving home and the extra space that we will create for you will add more value to your property than the cost of planning, construction, and installation.

We specialise in creating living space using modern manmade materials and our expertise. We can transform your property and add to its value so give us a call to discuss things without any obligation on your part.

  • We will look at the best way to link your property to a new livin-room
  • After measuring up, you will get some draft plans of our proposal to agree or amend before a final plan is agreed, together with a price for the work and a timetable for completion
  • You will have minimal disruption because your livin-room can be built with only a short time when the entry from your property into your new room is created
  • Our livin-rooms have a brick base which provides solidity for your new living space

It matters not about the age and style of your home because we can match that style. If your home is Edwardian, your livin-room will maintain that style.

UPVC is a flexible and durable manmade product. It is virtually maintenance free and can be produced in a colour that will not fade with time. You should not select a colour that you will tire of naturally. Double-glazing ensures that you can maintain an internal temperature to suit yourself in winter while in the summer you will not overheat. You can forget about drafts and you can enjoy the space on cold days even when temperatures outside drop below zero.

Perhaps you have a growing family so need more space? Perhaps you have been working from home and that will become the norm, at least for part of each week? You may have nowhere to relax for a quiet time. Whatever the reason for wishing for more living space, we can help you achieve that so give us a call. We will be in touch immediately!

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Livin Rooms Hitchin