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Light and heat, warmth with security, windows are essential for each of these things in your home. They allow natural light into a house, yet good windows also provide a seal and insulation against loss of heat in cold weather. They can also provide ventilation when a cool breeze through the house on a hot day is a "must."

Your windows must be well-fitting and secure to prevent any chance of intruders getting in at any time, day or night. That security involves having good locks on the windows but also on durable material which is difficult to damage.

These days you no longer need to worry about painting your window frames as you can choose their colour beforehand from our wide range.

For windows think:

  • Security with good fitting windows
  • Natural light which enhances your home
  • Insulation to keep heat in & cold out
  • Convenience to allow hot air to escape at times, perhaps from your kitchen or bathroom
  • Visual impact because windows can enhance the appearance of your home, and therefore its value

UPVC Windows The versatility of UPVC has led to it being a popular choice for windows. It offers durability and security and requires little maintenance to keep your home looking great.

Each of our windows is manufactured to an exacting standard with installation and post-sale support prioritised. We comply with all current building regulation requirements while every product that we market undergoes strict testing to ensure customer satisfaction.

UPVC is highly energy efficient and we offer a range of style and colour to suit individual clients and their properties.

UPVC Windows – the Benefits:

  • Maintenance free – well almost! Forget rotting, flaking or rust! All you need to do to keep your UPVC windows looking good is to clean the frames and hinges with a cloth and soapy water. It can be done in moments. & silicone spray for all moving parts. hinges and locks etc
  • Quiet and Warm. The seal that our UPVC windows provide ensures that your home will retain its heat while preventing any noises from outside disturbing you. Draughts and damp will be a thing of the past when you fit our UPVC windows while you will also notice a saving on your energy bills
  • Security is important to everyone and our UPVC windows meet British Standard for the protection they provide for you, your family, and your possessions. Intruders will not be able to remove the glass nor get past our locking systems
UPVC Windows Hitchin

Aluminium Windows Double-glazed windows with aluminium frames are certain to add to the appearance of your house while also increasing its energy-efficiency. Each has been rigorously tested to ensure it reaches the standard that our clients expect of us.

We are proud that our testimonials confirm our standards which comply with all current building regulations.

Aluminium is light but very strong and durable with no chance of corrosion and with minimal maintenance required; a damp cloth is all you need to keep them clean & silicone spray for all moving parts. hinges and locks etc.

You have a choice of colours and we use polyester powder paint for a tough finish that will last over time.

Aluminium Windows – the Benefits:

  • Slim frames can easily support windows of any size
  • Security is no problem with design such that the glass cannot be removed from outside
  • Lock and handle add to
  • Sleek look and available in a variety of colours
Aluminium Windows Hitchin

Lantern Roofs While the idea of lantern roofs is not new, their popularity in today’s world shows how old ideas can still retain their appeal.

Lantern roofs date back to the Middle Ages and are found in several notable architectural landmarks. The idea of allowing natural light into a building is nothing new. The problem in past years was one of maintenance with wood prone to both rotting and leaking as the seal between glass and wood deteriorated. What is new is the quality of manmade materials and sealants that make a lantern roof in an extension to your home a great idea.

Where you have space to extend your home by taking up some garden or yard space, you will not only increase your living space but also get the chance to enjoy natural light all year round. Remember that by improving your home in this way, you will add far more to the value of your property than the amount you spend in commissioning the work.

Even in winter, the elements will not penetrate the comfortable environment that you create. Double glazing provides a barrier from even the poorest weather. There is reduced energy loss, no drafts or leakage when you look at lantern roofs. In addition, extending your property using UPVC or aluminium with double glazing requires no significant maintenance.

At Windows by Choice, we have a design and build service unlike many of our competitors so the job of construction starting from outline plans until completion poses no problem for our talented team. Computer generated plans are the first stage after talking to a client. While you can select from standard designs, we are at your disposal to design something that you feel best suits your home, both in style and colour.

We work with the highest quality products, manufactured to nationally recognised standards, and comply with current building regulations.

How Should I proceed?

  • Get in touch with any questions and once satisfied make an appointment for a meeting
  • Exchange ideas which will result in preliminary plans being presented
  • Agree the final plans, price, and schedule at which point you are making a commitment

We are confident you will be delighted with our work as many other satisfied clients have been over many years. At Windows by Choice, we feel we can enhance your property by creating more space and natural light that you can enjoy all year round.

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