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Doors are a focal point, the front door as you approach a house, the back door to access a garden, and interior doors as the means of linking one room to another yet separating areas within the house.

The range of designs vary from very ornate doors that make a statement in themselves to plain and simple doors that just fulfil a simple function.

Exterior doors certainly need to provide security as well as insulation yet the add to the overall appearance of a building. The days of really ornate exterior doors have probably gone but we can provide you with plenty of choice to help make your house stand out from your neighbours’ houses.

The Functions of Doors:

  • External doors are important for security while also adding to the overall appearance of a building
  • Internal doors both provide links to other parts of the building but also provide privacy between one room and another
  • They also make an aesthetic impact on the appearance of a room
  • Open doors help with ventilation and light
  • Closed doors are a barrier to noise as well as a means of control

Composite Doors The popularity of composite doors is because of the quality and flexibility of the manmade material. They require minimal maintenance and can be simply wiped clean while their durability ensures you can forget about any need of repair or renovation.

They look completely natural and will enhance your property in terms of appearance while ensuring its value as a low maintenance property is retained and more.

  • Robust and completely secure as external or internal doors
  • Different styles or designs available to suit your house
  • Glass panes can be inserted into composite doors and there is no loss of security
  • Select your colour to fit in with your overall ideas about how you want your home to look
  • Natural woodgrain which is difficult to tell from the real thing
  • Energy efficient, weatherproof, and easily maintained
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UPVC Doors UPVC balances quality with price, with UPVC doors having the durability to last for a considerable time with needing anything more than minimal maintenance. Forget about the possibility of rusting or rotting and that includes when your doors are external and exposed to all that the weather can throw at them.

You need have no worries about security with UPVC and quality locks making your home very secure. You can select from a range of styles and designs while there is no problem in choosing to have glass inserts to allow in natural light through external doors.

  • Energy efficient, weatherproof, and easily maintained
  • Comes in a wide range of colours, styles, and designs
  • Glass inserts are available without compromising security
  • Completely secure in combination with the latest locks
  • Guaranteed to last and not to fade
  • Made to nationally accepted standards
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Aluminium Doors The strength of aluminium means that it can comfortably hold glass without any danger of security being compromised or any issue of any draught developing between the frame and the glass. Aluminium doors are an excellent choice for you if you want to maximise the amount of natural light getting into your house.

Aluminium doors are low maintenance and weather resistant needing just a wipe down to keep them looking good. The colour will not fade in our high-quality aluminium frames which can be used to create whichever style you are looking for.

  • Manufactured to nationally recognised standards
  • Completely weatherproof when used in external doors
  • Come in a range of colours to fit in with your colour scheme
  • Style and design to a client’s specification
  • High security specification
  • Low maintenance, rust proof and rot proof
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Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors If your ideas include concertina-style doors in your home, you should talk to use about what you are looking for and the space that you want to doors to cover. Bi-fold doors are a great option if you want to fully open a space which patio doors are unable to do because one of them is fixed.

You need have no concerns about security by picking this style because our doors are made to nationally recognised standards with top quality material. Aluminium is both light and strong so you will have no problem opening the doors up. They are ideal as a divider of an open plan ground floor or for exit into the garden, or conservatory.

  • Light yet strong and secure
  • Design based upon client requirements
  • Sliding mechanism which is both safe and strong
  • Available in a range of colours
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UPVC Patio Doors An excellent way to fully enjoy your garden is to install patio doors direct from your lounge or kitchen. You will not be compromising the security of your home by replacing your back door with UPVC patio doors because they are manufactured to the highest standard. The most up to date locking means that intruders will be left frustrated if they seek entry.

UPVC is durable and hard wearing requiring minimal maintenance to keep it in good condition. Interlocking doors fit nicely to ensure that you get no draughts when they are closed. You will find that extra natural light will get into your home if you replace a standard door with patio doors.

  • Smooth sliding and lightweight
  • Easy to maintain, needing just a wipe to keep them clean
  • Completely weatherproof
  • No compromise on security
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Aluminium Patio Doors If you want to fully enjoy your garden, have you thought that patio doors direct from your lounge or kitchen is a good way to do it? Do not worry that changing your back door will compromise your security because aluminium patio doors, manufactured to the highest of national standards, are completely safe and secure.

Aluminium is lightweight but very strong and durable. You will not require a wide frame because aluminium can hold any size of glass without any problems. You can forget about draughts and these doors are available in a range of colours. Expect more natural light through the windows and little in the way of maintenance issues for years to come.

  • Smooth sliding and lightweight
  • Easy to maintain, needing just a wipe to keep them clean
  • Completely weatherproof
  • No compromise on security
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UPVC French Doors The style of French Windows has been popular for decades, but they used to suffer from the problem of maintenance, and the potential that the wood could go rotten. With the introduction of UPVC, both of those problems have been eradicated.

The panes in French Windows allow for plenty of natural light while using UPVC means that they are both secure and flexible. The doors can both to opened giving them an advantage over patio doors yet with good locking systems, they do not lessen your protection. With a good choice of colours and cleaned simply with the use of a damp cloth, you will get exactly what you want to fit in the age and style of your home.

  • Easy to open
  • Durable with low maintenance
  • Completely secure
  • Allows natural light into your home
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Stable Doors If you are looking for something a little different to link yourself to your garden would you consider doors which are commonly used in stables. The whole door can be opened but if you just wish to open the top half, the bottom half stays firmly shut.

Perhaps the top half is a double-glazed window and you want fresh air into your kitchen but want to stop anything or anyone from getting in or out on the floor? Does your dog need to stay in the garden or your young child in the house and you cannot have eyes in the back of your head?

  • Smooth sliding and lightweight
  • Easy to maintain, needing just a wipe to keep them clean
  • Completely weatherproof
  • No compromise on security
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