Stylish Hardwood Windows For Any Home

Hardwood Windows allow you to be very flexible in design as they can be configured in different ways. For example, top hung, bottom hung or combinations of these are available. And you can even create stunning bay or bow designs, a common feature in many older properties.

Our hardwood windows look good in older and new properties alike, but if you’re replacing existing wooden windows and want to preserve the original appearance we have a range of traditional look accessories, hinges and handles to choose from including astragal bars, traditional butt hinges and monkey tail handles.

Choose from our range of hardwood species each with it’s own character for your hardwood window’s.

Hardwood entrance doors bedfordshire

High performance, highly durable timber created from sustainably sourced softwood.

Hardwood Entrance Doors, Hardwood Entrance Doors Hertfordshire

European Oak
A durable timber with an attractive grain sourced through FSC certified supply chain.

Hardwood Entrance Doors, Hardwood Entrance Doors buckinghamshire

European Redwood
Sourced as engineered laminated stock to improve stability and therefore durability.

Hardwood Entrance Doors, Hardwood Entrance Doors cambridgeshire

Moderately durable hardwood sourced from West Africa and the Cameroon.

Hardwood Finishes

A variety of finishing options are available across our timber product range. Both translucent and opaque colour collections are available to help you customise your chosen product to your personal liking or to blend in with existing building features.


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